Meet Genius Losers

Genius Losers is a group of - or is it a swarm? No, gaggle. Gaggle? Perhaps a murder? Or does that only work for crows?

Honestly. What do you call a gathering of losers that are also supposed to be geniuses? And who decided they were geniuses? Themselves? No doubt. So a bunch of losers decide that they want to share with you their brilliance and creativity. Well that seems like the losing hand in a game of one-man poker - but let's power through and see just what this group offers.

Wait a minute. A group? This brings us back to our first discussion. Should it be a herd? A leash? A skulk? A flock? A copse? A congregation? Troop? Drove... battery... litter... colony... hive... brace... gang... brood... school? Ha! Like this batch of genius wannabes would make a school.

So anyway, whatever you wish to call this band of coffee house rejects - no, wait. Did you know that a lot of cockroaches is called an "intrusion?"

Ah! That's what we will call them! Genius Losers is an intrusion of creative types that have won for themselves Emmys and Academy Awards. They've also worked on others' academy award winning films, made independent features, worked for Disney creating amazing art and even worked on some of those overblown Marvel blockbusters (like Avengers 2, Captain America: Civil War, Dr. Strange and others). They have attended famous schools like Ringling, NYU, Austin Peay and the Iowa Writers' Workshop.

So what the hell are they doing here? Well poke around and find out! This is what we do when not toiling in the caves (working for the man). This is where we go to make the things that make us laugh - stuff that only other genius losers can love.

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